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periodicPod  : for iPod

periodicPod was the premier chemistry reference software for your iPod. It has been renamed ChemDuet. Read on if you wonder why, or go to the ChemDuet page.

Apple requested that we change the name of the software because "periodicPod" contains the word "pod", and by Apple's reckoning infringes on their iPod trademark. That was, of course, not our intention. So we are changing the name; "periodicPod" probably wasn't the best name anyway, as it suggests something repeating, not something about elements and chemistry, so perhaps the new name is better.

Apple has been very nice and listed periodicPod on their website since its introduction in early 2005 (that is, periodicPod has been listed on Apple's website for over a year), and we thank them for that.

One final note to any non-chemists who are wondering: the periodicPod icon did not have the letters "I" "Po" and "Ds" on it. Those are the chemical symbols for iodine, polonium, and darmstadium.