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Periodic Table: for paper
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The periodic table--the cornerstone of chemistry--expresses in a compact form the relationships between all the elements in the universe. Synergy Creations' Periodic Table 4 is a versatile chemistry reference tool for your computer that takes the periodic table far beyond the familiar and simple paper periodic table found in so many textbooks and classrooms. You may also be interested in ChemDuet, a chemistry reference tool for your iPod.

But, if you simply want a basic, printable periodic table, this page has that. These are PDF files, generated by our Periodic Table software, which you can download and print out. There are two varieties, detailed and not-so-detailed, sized to print on either A4 or US Letter size paper. Our Periodic Table software can generate these and many other periodic tables, and we encourage you to try it out! It's not just for chemists!

These PDF Periodic Tables are copyright © Synergy Creations, and are free for personal use but may not be altered, and you may not post the files elsewhere. Instead, we encourage you to link or refer to this webpage, or our homepage. No warranty is offered or implied for accuracy of the included data. For other use or clearance, please contact us.

Basic Table (symbols only)
79 K

Basic Table (symbols, atomic masses, atomic numbers, radioactivity)
124 K